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Matthias Gelt

Matthias Gelt

Rank 4 Quest Giver
Realm Order
Species Empire
Gender Male
Zone Nordland
Subzone Grey Lady Coaching Inn
Coordinates 22100, 27000

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

"Well the dark is coming and we best be doing something to prepare ourselves. Thing is I just don't know what to do."

- Matthias Gelt, Quest In-Progress Text: Promise of Battle I

Matthias Gelt is new to the army of Nordland, but despite his inexperience he has been placed in a command position at the Grey Lady Coaching Inn. Like many of those conscripted to the region's defense, he feels the severity of the current Norse invasion has been exaggerated, and is only just beginning to understand the threat posed by the forces of the Raven Host.

Quests Edit

"Well if I'm going to die, I'm not going alone. The whole lot of 'em are coming with me. By Sigmar, we're in this together now!"

- Matthias Gelt, Quest Introductory Text: Promise of Battle II

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