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Master Amethyst Wizard

Master Amethyst Wizard
< Herald >

Rank 40 Rally Master
Realm Order
Species Human
Gender Male
Zone Altdorf

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

Evil beings cavort in the untamed wilds of our land, and wraiths prowl the darkness in search of easy prey. They celebrate Witching Night. So long as the stars remain properly aligned, the Wind of Shyish will continue to gust and flurry, and the dead will not lie easily.

The Master Amethyst Wizard is a Herald of the Powers of Shyish, the Purple Wind of Magic, and serves as a Rally Master for the Witching Night Live Event. He can be found in the city of Altdorf, near the Dwarf Flight Master.

As Amethyst Wizards accept the inevitability of death, and study the magic surrounding it, they are the enemies of Necromancers who would pervert this natural order and use the magic of undeath to prolong their own existance. Necromantic magic is strong on the Witching Night, and the Master Amethyst Wizard stands guard against the taint of undeath, speeding players on to combat it.

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