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Creature Task Reward Location hint
Banshee A Sound to Silence Title: The Silencer, XP:204 57,31
Ghoul Ghoul to be Gone Title: Foe of the Cannibal, XP:336 (O)50,40 (D)31,12
Giant Bare the Brunt Title: The Earth Shaker, XP:336 55,60
Giant Bat For Once it Isn't Guano Title: Echo Hunter, XP:336 15,48
Gnoblar Cull the Weak Greenskin Tactic Fragment, XP:1476 56,8
Gnoblar Tiny Tyrant Greenskin Tactic Fragment, XP:806 35,60
Shaman What do We Have Here? Item: Emergency Mushroom, XP:1476 29,29
Vampire Hail to the Horror Title: The Dawnbringer, XP:204 50,53

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