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A sudden fit of shaking overcomes you as sweat obscures your field of vision. As you unsteadily make your way through the marshes towards the nearest healer, you have more than enough time to curse your insatiable curiosity with chattering teeth.

Tome UnlockEdit

This tome unlock contributes to the Dangers of Deadwater exploration achievement.

To achieve: Interact with the "Rotting Ratman".

Location: 15.1k, 31.2k in Marshes of Madness. This is next to the proximity unlock for Dangers of Deadwater.

Reward: 150 Xp, debuff that causes around 13 damage per second for 20 seconds.

Note: Some players cannot interact with the ratman. Interactivity may be random.
Note 2 : If you can't interact with the ratman, just go far from him for a while, and then come back, interactivity should works correctly again. ( worked for me )
Note 3 : If you get the First achievement (Dangers of Deadwater), then you must leave, go far enough and come back then you can interact with the rat.

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