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Marsh Fellow

Tier 2 Order PvE Quest
Zone Marshes of Madness
Subzone Beardrot
Start Lamprecht
End Lamprecht

Quest Chain

Foreman Grundigson



Marsh Fellow II map
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The Dwarfs here are too simple in their ways, but perhaps you may be able to assist me. I am here on business. I recovered but a sheet from an ancient tome and wish to cast the spell inscribed on it.

I know the ritual that needs to be performed, but the item I am in need of to complete the ritual can only be found in this accursed swamp. It really is nothing; it's simply the heart of Chaos. That is to say, the still beating heart of a powerful creature of Chaos.

Recover the heart for me, and then I will cast the spell. Who knows? Perhaps we will gain a new weapon against our mutual foes.

I will ensure you are well rewarded for your aid. Good luck, and may the Gods speed your travels!

- Lamprecht

Summary Edit

Search for the Putrid Shrine around the Mourkain ruins of Beardrot, and slay a Fetid Plaguebearer to retrieve its Beating Heart.

Return the heart to Lamprecht nearby in the southern marshes of Beardrot.

Objectives Edit

  • Beating Heart 0/1

In Progress Edit

We must have the heart if we are to complete the ritual.

- Lamprecht

On Completion Edit

Truly amazing! Well, let us waste no time. I will begin the ritual that will force the Necromancer to be revealed.

- Lamprecht

Rewards Edit

  • Xp: 2787

External Links Edit

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