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Marked for Death (Order)

Order Live Event Quest
Zone Varies
Start Wild-Eyed Guiltseeker
End Wild-Eyed Guiltseeker


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"Well met. I've heard of you, {name}. People tell me your faith is strong. Hmm. We shall see."

"Enemies of the Empire are everywhere; it is my calling to root them out and purge them. With these recent murders, I have been especially busy. I call upon you in the name of Sigmar to lend me your aid."

"My sources tell me that a secret syndicate of criminals is responsible. They believe they are invisible to us, and beyond punishment for their crimes. I charge you now, in the name of Sigmar, with demonstrating that they are mistaken."

- Wild-Eyed Guiltseeker

For the Destruction version of this Quest, see Marked for Death (Destruction).

Marked for Death is a repeatable Order RvR Quest that is unique to the Night of Murder Live Event, and can be accepted from any Warcamp or the city of Altdorf.

Particulars Edit

Search the battlefields and wilds of the Warhammer world for targets that have been marked by a skull icon above their heads. Marked targets can include PQ bosses, enemy players, and Keep Lords. Defeat five marked targets within two hours before returning to the Wild-Eyed Guiltseeker.

  • NOTE: For more information on targets that have been Marked for Death, see Night of Murder.

Objectives Edit

  • Time Limit: 2:00:00
  • Defeat Marked Targets 0/5

In-Progress Text Edit

"Have you not yet done as I asked? Perhaps your faith is not as strong as I trusted...?"

- Wild-Eyed Guiltseeker

Completion Text Edit

Rewards Edit

External Links Edit

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