March of the Dead

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March of the Dead

March of the Dead

Tier {{{difficulty}}} Public Quest
Realm Order
Zone Altdorf
Rally Master {{{rally}}}

The March of the Dead is a low-level public quest in the Docks region of Altdorf. A Necromancer begins to raise the dead from the piles of corpses in the southern area of the Docks, which are all level 10. No influence is gained from the quest, but loot is given like other Public Quests.

To begin the Public Quest simply investigate the body lying on the ground between the plague carts, and the Necromancer will begin his morning waltz around the city...

This quest is for Tier 1 and 2 of Altdorf, and vanishes in the later tiers.

Note : I tried to trigger this quest for a few days; it didn't work. Then I went off got a few ranks and when I returned to Altdorf THEN it triggered by another quest. I was asked to investigate a Plagued Corpse in the Docks by Sister Amalia, that's how it triggered for me.

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