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Mannfred Von Carstein is a Von Carstein Vampire and the first get sired by Vlad von Carstein himself. He held the greatest claim to his sire's throne but chose to remain in the shadows, letting the other contenders destroy each other before assuming full control of Sylvania. He led a huge army in a rampage across The Empire in the Old World, but was defeated when he laid siege to Altdorf, being driven back until he was killed at the Battle of Hel Fenn. The Story of Mannfred is written in the novels Inheritance, Dominion and Retribution by Steven Savile.


Rise and DefeatEdit

After stealing the Von Carstein Ring, ( a ring that kept the vampire wearer alive no matter how much damage the individual took) which allowed Vlad to be killed, and aiding the escape of Jon Skellan, a witch hunter who had been bitten and turned by petir one of vlads minions, Mannfred and his unlikely companion travelled from Altdorf back towards Slyvania feeding from maidens to spread terror and discord. After destroying the ruling family of Nuln in a single night's bloodfest Mannfred deemed his work finished. He sent Skellan to the east to return to Sylvania, where he would serve as Mannfred's agent in stoking the raging paranoia that was Mannfred's brother Konrad's constant companion. During this time Mannfred journeyed south to Khemri in the Land of the Dead, where he procured a stolen Book of Nagash, the ancient sorceror and ruler of the Nekharan empire. When asked why he did not simply betray Konrad and seize power himself Mannfred was nonchalant, but reminded Skellan that should he attempt to do so, the next Von Carstein he would face would be Mannfred himself.

With the death of his "brother" Konrad, Mannfred seized power and returned to Drakenhof aboard a "Black Ship" (sailing up the River Reik) that swiftly became infamous in the Empire. Mannfred set about rebuilding Drakenhof and Sylvania one corrupt piece at a time. When Skellan discovered a coven of Lahmian Vampires in Nuln, an intrigued Mannfred soon arrived to meet with "The Eternal" and propose a truce between their bloodlines. Soon Mannfred marched his troops beneath the Empire in the ancient tunnels beneath the world, battling through Skaven forces to strike from below. His assaults upon the Empire were initially successful, and Mannfred butchered entire armies before finally marching to Altdorf itself. But as he made ready to lay siege to the capital of the Empire, the Grand Theogonist appeared on the battlements and read the spell of unbinding from a copy of the Liber Mortis written by the great necromancer Van Hal, forcing Mannfred into a hasty retreat as his unholy army crumbled to dust around him. After several long months of Mannfred playing a cat-and-mouse game with the Empire and her allies, they drove him back to Sylvania...and Hel Fenn. Here an alliance of troops from the Empire and the Dwarfs defeated Mannfred. With the aid of the renegade vampire Jerek, Prince Martin of Stirland cornered Mannfred and slew him with his Runefang. After centuries of terror, the last Vampire of Count of Sylvania was no more.

Modern TimesEdit

Or so it seemed. Centuries later Mannfred was resurrected by a petty necromancer named Schtillmann, who did not survive to see the fruits of his terrible labour Schtillman was killed (while trying to make a virgin sacrifice over Mannfred's body) by the infamous Slayer, Gotrek Gurnisson, who cut him in two. The blood from his bifurcated body spilled on Mannfred's corpse, leading to his resurrection (turns out, Schtillmann was a virigin too, so his blood triggered the spell). By the time of the Storm of Chaos Mannfred was once again Lord of Sylvania. He led a huge undead army to Altdorf to finish what he started during the Vampire wars. The Grand Theogenist confronted the undead army on the walls of Altdorf and told Mannfred that he had been defeated before and could be defeated again. Mannfred left with his army realizing thata as long as the Sigmarite church possesed a copy of the Liber Mortis he could not win. For now Mannfred dwells in Sylvania waiting and watching.

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