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Strongly suggested to leave the furthest Left set of beastmen alive, for if you kill them all revenging beastmen ghosts will spawn and come in big groups of 8s during named fight. MT jumps in purple clouds to keep agro, since he is really finiky, but everytime you jump in cloud u get an unremovable debuff, so at 50% it is wise to switch tanks. everyone else keep away from clouds, near the breaking point. if u dont want to all die and just want toreset him after the Mt/ MA dies then have a healer run to cloud close by and run to break point.

Alternative Tactic that worked


While it has been suggested by many on the sites to jump on the pink clouds to aggro boss, i had found it more effective to TAUNT him directly to manage him. When he is taunted and attacking MT, the pink clouds will automatically be drawn to the MT. Have the MT move such that the boss has his back to the team standing on the tent. Then it's a simple case of keeping the taunt regularly, and healers (have 2 on the team) keeping him alive. It's good to have a OT share the damage even when MT is fully greater warded. Using this tactic, we were able to keep the boss immobile while DPS take him down.

Good luck Khanes

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