Mailcoat of Carnage

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Temp Chest Mailcoat of Carnage
Medium Armor
70 Armor
Bind on Pickup
+ 5 Strength
+ 4 Wounds
+ 2 Initiative
+ 3 Melee Power
Minimum Rank: 5
Career: White Lion
Skill: Medium Armor
Lionmark Kit of Carnage (0 / 2)
Mailcoat of Carnage
Shinsteels of Carnage
(2 Piece Bonus): +10 Strength

The Mailcoat of Carnage is a Tier 1 Armor Set reward for the White Lion, and part of the Tier's PvE Armor Set.

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The Mailcoat of Carnage can be found by White Lions in Massive Loot Bags, awarded upon the completion of Tier 1 Public Quests.

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