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MOD files are they keystone of any AddOn. They provide Warhammer Online enough information to use the AddOn, as well as some general information about the AddOn for user consumption. MOD files contain XML, and are essentially renamed XML files. While there is no XML Schema that defines MOD files, the structure is fairly simple.

The example below is fairly self explanatory. Note the XML declaration at the top of the example. See the specific element pages for more information about specific elements or Category:MOD File Elements for a list of all potential MOD file elements.


Here is an example MOD file that shows a typical configuration:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ModuleFile xmlns:xsi="">

  <UiMod name="SuperMOD" version="1.0" date="10/1/2008">

    <Author name="TheAuthor" email="" />
    <Description text="This is the greatest AddOn ever created!" />

      <Dependency name="SuperMODFramework" />

      <File name="Source/SuperMOD.xml" />

      <CreateWindow name="SuperMODWindow" show="false"/>
      <CallFunction name="SuperMOD.Initialize" />

      <CallFunction name="SuperMOD.Update" />

      <CallFunction name="SuperMOD.Shutdown" />

      <SavedVariable name=SuperMOD.Settings" />



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