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Concept art of Luthor Huss.

Luthor Huss was born in a small peaceful Imperial village, however he was soon orphaned by a Chaos raid. While the raiders were driven away from the village, both of his parents had been killed and the rest of the villagers decided to give young boy to the Church of Sigmar. Luthor is well known for rebelling against the Church of Sigmar, believing they are corrupt and no longer interested in fighting Chaos, and for being a supporter of Valten in the semi-canon Storm of Chaos.


Young lifeEdit

As the young Luthor was coming of age, he eagerly awaited the day when he would be ordained into the priesthood, but before being ordained he would have to pass a test of his faith. Travelling to a small Reikland village, he helped the local villagers defend it from beastmen raiders. After two days of constant battles, a relief force from the army arrived, and the beastmen retreated. Along with the soldiers he pursued the raiders, but as they neared the dark borders of the Great Forest, the troops decided that an ambush was too easy inside the darkness of the forest and they should return to the village and make camp in case the raiders should return.

Undeterred, the novice of Sigmar followed the foul creatures of Chaos deep into the forest, as he was determined to wipe out the followers of the Dark Gods.

Three days passed, and as everyone agreed that the young Huss must have been killed in the forest he appeared. His armor had been shattered and he was covered in blood, but behind him he dragged the head of the Bray Shaman that had been leading the beastmen. Having proved himself in battle, it wasn't long before the young man was the newest addition to the priesthood of Sigmar.


Shortly later the young priest was sent to the grand city of Altdorf, on a mission from the priesthood. This changed the pious man forever. He was incredibly dismayed that the clergy wasn't as interested in fighting Chaos as they were in politics and increasing their personal wealth and power. Detesting what he had just discovered, he left the capital, and started encouraging everyone willing to listen to be faithful and fight chaos without the mediation of the corrupt priesthood.

It wasn't long before his seniors in the priesthood had denounced the pious young priest, however, whenever the Grand Theogonist named Volkmar the Grim was asked to excommunicate him, he would simply smile, and refuse. Now, he travels the Empire, meeting an army on the eve of a battle against Chaos, greatly bolstering it's morale and aiding greatly in its victory.

His name is most likely a reference to the real persons Martin Luther, and Jan Hus, both of them important reformists of christianity.

Storm of ChaosEdit

The Storm of Chaos is not part of the official canon in WAR

While wandering the Empire, an incredible story reached Huss, the story of Valten. Years earlier a Twin Tailed Comet had graced the skies on signalled the birth of the young blacksmith. Born with the said comet on his chest, he had soon grew up to be a powerful young man, however one day a band of Beastmen attacked the village of Lachenbad where he lived. Most of the locals fled, but Valten refused. He took two hammers from his fathers smithy and fought the beastmen, eventually slaying their chieftain, and driving the rest out of the village.

It wasn't long before Huss had proclaimed that Valten was Sigmar reborn, and a small army of faithful gathered around them on their way to Altdorf. As they reached the city, the Emperor Karl Franz was pondering what to do. Splitting the Empire could prove fatal with a major Chaos Incursion under way, but he couldn't just leave the Empire in the hands of a uneducated blacksmith. Showing the wits and guile he has become known for, Karl Franz decided to grant Valten Ghal Maraz, and proclaim him the spiritual leader of the Empire, while he retained his position as Emperor.

Eventually Valten faced the Everchosen of Chaos, Archaon The Lord of the End Times, at the gates of Middenheim. They met as the champions of Order and Destruction, and after an incredible fight a wounded Valten was thrown to the ground. Seeing that Achaon was about to claim his victory, Huss charged him and landed a series of hard blows on the Everchosen, eventually bringing him to one knee. Archaon, however, would not be stopped, and in a quick counter attack sent the Warrior Priest flying across the battlefield.

The two Sigmarites were saved by the Black Orc Grimgor Ironhide, who just wanted to face the champion of chaos and show he was the strongest. Huss carried the comatose Valten to Middenheim where they were both tended to by Shallya priests, and while Huss was saved, Valten was assassinated by insidious Skaven assassins. Karl Franz, again using his wits, instructed Huss to inform the people of the Empire that Sigmar has once again left as he did in ages past, and that he has entrusted the Emperor to rule and protect the Empire in its days until their patron god's return.

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