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Never in released game. Lumina could have been a resistance against magical damage involving light or solar energy. I might have been paired against corporeal resistance, that was used by destruction only in the abilities found in the source.

This resistance was mentioned by GOA in a testversion presented in Münster in 2007(?), but never actually made it into the released version.

Mentioned AbilitiesEdit

These Abilities are not ingame, they belong to a pre-beta version. These abilities are re-translations from german, so the original names might have differed.

  • Warrior Priest:
    • Blessed Weapons
      Range: 0-150 feet
      For 15 seconds all melee attacks of your group deal additional lumina-damage.
    • Blessing of Protection
      Takticfields: 3
      You increase spirit and lumina resistances of your group by 15%.
  • Bright Wizard
    • Easily flamable
      Action points: 80
      Range: 0-100 feet
      Reduces elemental and lumina resistances of an enemy by 30% for 12 seconds.


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