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As the second king of Bretonnia, Louis the Rash was the only child of the legendary founder, Gilles le Breton. Born under mysterious circumstances, and rumored to be a child of The Lady herself. When his father Gilles died, the dukes of Bretonnia was busy discussing wether Louis should ascend to the throne or they should imitate their neighbours in The Empire. In the end, it was decided that while Louis would make a fine king, he was not a Grail Knight as his father, and such not worthy to ascend to the throne.

The moment young Louis learned of this, he announced that he would undertake the massive quest of travelling Bretonnia, looking for the Lady of the Lake and her Holy Grail. By doing that, he both earned himself his nickname, and became the first of the Questing Knights.

For years the dukes ruled their individual dukedoms themself, but in the year 23(IC 1001), 6 years after he left, he returned, riding a purebred charger and shining with a pure light, none could deny that he had in fact sipped from the Grail. Once crowned king Louis drew up the "Decrees of Chivalry" formalising the code by wich a knight should live, and how he would rise in the ranks of Bretonnia, from the simple Knights Errant trying to prove himself to the elite of the country, the legendary Grail Knights.

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