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"King Louen The Lionhearted"
is the current King of Bretonnia and the Duke of Couronne. So great a King is Louen that his knights give thanks to the Lady that they might serve under him, as he harks back to the time of the Grail Companions, the highest pinnacle of Bretonnian heroism. King Louen has revived many of Bretonnia's old warrior traditions, including hosting great tournaments that he takes part in, proving he is one of the most fierce, skilled, and honourable knights in the land.



Louen Leoncoeur is considered the greatest leader of the Bretonnians since Gilles the Uniter. A mighty warrior king, his subjects know well that he is the pinnacle of knightly perfection and honour. Highly skilled on the field of battle and a master of tactics and of strategy, he has never known defeat. Commoners and nobles alike speak of Leoncoeur with the same reverence, liking him to the mighty Companions of Gilles from ages past. Some even say that the blood of Gilles runs in his veins. As ferocious yet honourable in diplomacy as he is in war, King Louen the 'Lionhearted' is renowned far beyond the borders of Bretonnia itself, and respected by all.
Since his coronation in IC 2500, King Louen has proved himself time and time again. He utterly crushed the massive Orc invasion of 2508 at the Battle of Swamphold, and has ridden battlefields clear of the undead on the outskirts of Mousillon on more than one occasion. He has fought victoriously against the invaders of the north, driving them back into the sea, and scoured the taint of insidious covens from within his cities. Leoncoeur has always attacked the enemies of Bretonnia with fiery wrath and determination, yet never have his actions been anything other then chivalrous and honourable. Although such rigid adherence to the codes of martial honour could be seen to hinder a more unscrupulous general, it is a great source of strength for King Louen. He is blessed above all other mortals by the Lady of the Lake, and some whisper he has even been granted a kiss by his Goddess. It is certain that the magical power of the Grail flows in his veins; legend has it that when Leoncoeur is cut, light streams out from the wound until it is healed over once more. When the King rides to war, he does so at the head of the finest Knights in Bretonnia, on the back of his Hippogryph Beaquis.
After more then twenty glorious years on the throne, Louen still appears to be in the prime of his life, though scholars whisper he is close to his ninetieth year. It is said that he intends to turn his attentions to cursed Mousillon, cleansing it of taint and returning it to its former glory. If he does this, the lands of Bretonnia will be united under his banner once and for all.

Louen the Lion-heartedEdit

King Louen earned his nickname, 'The Lion-hearted' during his years as a Questing Knight. He encountered and defeated the Green Knight, and earned the blessings of the fair Prophetess Carolinda during his journeys.


The Crown of Bretonnia
Blessed by a kiss from the Lady, this crown has been an ancient symbol of leadership since the coronation of Gilles' son, Louis the Rash. It shines with a golden light just as intense as the day it was bequeathed to the Bretonnians.
The Sword of Couronne
This powerful heirloom was forged from the finest Bretonnian silverine, and was quenched in the mirrorpools of the great forest. It catches the sun's rays and and magnifies them, dazzling the King's enemies as he rides into battle.
The Lion's Shield
King Louen carries the shield that has protected him since the first days of his knighthood. Over the years it has been worked by Bretonnia's greatest artisans and enchanted by powerful Prophetesses to become a mighty artefact.

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