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Zone Info
Realm: Order
Army: Shining Guard
Tier: 4 (Capital)
Paired with: Fist of Malekith

Unfortunately Lothern has been cut from launch. - Source

Lothern is the capital city for the army of the Shining Guard in WAR, as well as the capital of Ulthuan and all High Elves, as well as the capital of Eataine. Lothern is also home to the Phoenix Throne, the prize that is fixed firmly in the mind of Malekith, the Witch King. Lothern is a beautiful example of High Elf craftmanship, and is not easily forgotten.

Locations of InterestEdit

Icon High Elves Shining Guard zones
Tier 1: Chrace • Tier 2: Ellyrion • Tier 3: Saphery • Tier 4: Eataine • Capital: Lothern

Capital cities
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