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Bestiary unlock for Spite

Order & DestructionEdit

Kill a spite named Elorian in Troll Country, loc 8k,47k. Elorian is a level 16 spite, but is NOT a champion (contrary to the tome tooltip).



  • Elorian is a level 16 critter in the midst of level 12-13 trolls. He is also very tiny compared to them, and so is easy to overlook if you are farming trolls for the Kill Quest, Chopping Trolls. That can lead to a nasty surprise.
  • Killing Elorian with a level 13 character unlocks the tome entry, but a level 21 character does not get credit (three solo kills, no credit). Later, got credit for two level 20 characters. --Corvidaer, 27 November 2008.
  • They must have changed this recently; I just killed him with a Level 23 character and got the Unlock just fine. --Grandizer, 23 December 2008.

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