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Lord Uthorin

Lord Uthorin is the leader of House Uthorin.

Lord Uthorin is the patriarch and ruler of House Uthorin, one of the most powerful and influential of all Dark Elf noble houses. As a high-ranking member of the Druchii nobility, Lord Uthorin is a master of intrigue and politics. Rumor holds that his eye is fixed firmly upon the Witch King's throne; if that is his ambition, he has wisely kept it hidden, preferring to play the role of loyal advisor.

In the Age of Reckoning, House Uthorin has been picked to lead the assault on Ulthuan. However, well aware of Lord Uthorin's desire to rule the Dark Elves, Malekith commands Lady Arkaneth, leader of House Arkaneth and Uthorin's most powerful rival, to send her invasion force to Ulthuan as well. The cold and calculating Witch King has pit two of his most powerful rivals against one other, so that both will be weakened by the conflict and pose less of a threat to him.

Lord Uthorin will need every measure of cunning and skill that he possesses to outmaneuver Lady Arkaneth, the Witch King and the High Elves all at once. If he should succeed, the reward for those loyal to his House will be almost beyond measure.

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