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Lord Slaurith

Rank 36 Hero Mob
Type Humanoids
Subtype Chaos
Species Chosen
Zone The Chaos Wastes
Subzone The Bastion Stair

(Path of Fury)

PC Reactions

Order Hostile
Destruction Hostile

Slaurith, formerly Sir Luthor Von Zakenhelm is a Champion of Khorne who appears as the final boss of the Path of Fury in the Bastion Stair in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.


Slaurith was once Sir Luthor Von Zakenhelm, a Knight of the Blazing Sun who commanded an expedition to destroy the Chaos gate at the heart of The Bastion Stair, a massive structure of bone and brass which marks the boundary between the mortal world and the part of the Realm of Chaos dedicated to Khorne, the Chaos God of war, rage and bloodshed. Unfortunately the trials of the stair proved too much for Sir Luthor and his band of Knights. Few survived, and those who did were changed forever.

Sir Luthor followed faint whispers on the edge of his mind that promised great power and strayed from his expedition, finding a great arena of dark iron, brass and red stone, its sands stained with the blood of a thousand battles.

A daemon waited for Luthor, and he took his sword and did battle with the daemon. After he defeated the foul creature, another, stronger daemon took its place. And so on it went. Consumed by the lust for battle that built in him with each daemon he slew, Luthor made a pact with the God Khorne. The Blood God would grant Luthor extended life as a mighty Champion of Khorne if he converted the other knights.

Luthor's eyes burned red with murderous rage as he hunted down his former comrades. Some joined him, swayed by Khorne's promise of power, and others refused, only to be thrust upon Luthor's blade.

Sir Luthor had once been a noble warrior who willingly left his homeland and travelled far into the Chaos Wastes to battle evil, but all trace of his former self was now gone, Luthor had been reborn as Slaurith, who waits to this day in his arena for a worthy challenger.




Lord Slaurith has four abilities:

  • Bloodpulse(Spiritual damage) is a ground effect AoE that he will cast on a random player every 20-30 seconds. It hits for about 1500 to 3500 damage per second for three seconds. When it's cast you will see a reddish blastwave emitted from him. At the same time, a glowing, swirling area of red will appear under someones feet. It has a radius of about 10 feet (which WAR considers to be about 30 feet). If nobody is standing the AoE at the end of the duration, he will cast Blood Shout. Anyone standing in the AoE at the end of the duration is debuffed with Bloodscent.
  • Blood Shout(Spiritual damage) is a Instance AoE DoT (meaning everyone in the instance is hit, even people with no line of sight to Lord Slaurith) hitting everyone for around 300 to 900 damage every few seconds. This DoT will be applied to everyone if someone runs out of his Bloodpulse.
  • Bloodscent is a debuff that gives 100% threat for an unknown duration.
  • He also has a silence ability that he may use on everyone within about 15 feet of the boss.


Following is a very effective strategy for handling this boss. It's so effective, that it can even be done with just 1 tank and 1 healer (assuming sufficient levels and gear). It consists of four main points:

  • Everyone tries to stay within about 30 feet of the tank. If you have a banner, the red pulse it does while planted is a 30 foot radius. So if the tanks attempts to stay near the banner and everyone else spread out around him, it's pretty easy to do.
  • Anytime someone who is not the main-tank is hit by Bloodpulse they run out of it as fast as they can. No exceptions.
  • Anytime a blood pulse occurs, the main-tank runs straight into it to take the final tick of damage, thus receiving blood scent and avoiding Blood Shout. After the final tick of damage, the tank can move back to the center if he so desires.
  • The main-tank should wear 1200~1300 spirit resistance to cap out their spirit resistance and cause bloodpulse to do trivial damage to him. Anyone else in the group should wear as much spirit resistance as they can, but it's less critical as they should never take more than 2 ticks of the AoE.

Following this strategy has the following benefits:

  • It's very easy for the tank to get in the Bloodpulse as nobody is ever too far away for him to run to them in less than three seconds.
  • The tank will never loose aggro as he has double the threat he normally has and nobody else has any extra.
  • Nobody will take excessive AoE damage as he will never cast Blood Shout and non-tanks will take no more than two ticks of his Blood Pulse (although stacking melee dps can increase the chances of multiple players being hit by it).
  • The healer will never be hit by the silence.


  • It is advisable to have a good amount of Spirit Resistance (~1400). Do this by having spare equipment with slots and put Spirit Resist talismans on them, resist buffs and spirit resist potions. This is especially helpful on healers getting the bloodpulse. For destruction, classes such as the Chosen, Shaman and Zealot are useful as they can increase everyone's resistances across the board.
  • After the new patches, this boss has been very erratic. It has been really hard for the tank to keep him aggroed since it seems like he drops it and sticks back to the person who had Bloodscent (might be bugged?). No matter what though, the tank needs to keep Slaurith at least 20 feet away from the healers. If Slaurith's silence hits your healers, it's pretty much a wipe.
  • Might be a bug, but as of 12/30 if you leave the Bloodpulse before the third tick, he will cast Bloodpulse again right away. So using the second strat right now will cause your group to build up the dots extremely fast.
  • If someone dies from Bloodpulse, he will recast Bloodpulse right away.

Loot Edit

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