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Fairly thin and tall for a Skaven, he has albino fur and spiraling horns. Lord Kritslik's fur sticks up in ratty patches and has piercing eyes that glow with a mad light. Currently the most powerful and influential Lord of Decay he is highly competent and a ruthless adversary. There is no question that Lord Kritslik is the most highly skilled politician and manipulator out of all other members on the Council. With his vast network of spies and agents, Lord Kritslik is informed of any little thing happening inside and outside the Under-Empire, and prepared to act upon it. A popular saying among the Skaven is that he has more spies in the Under-Empire than there are Skaven.


He has four major characteristics and plans:

  1. The first thing to note about him is that he always finds a way to display his actions as being sanctified by the Horned Rat, as he possesses a vast knowledge of the deity's edicts. Often, one of his adversaries has found himself under accusations to oppose the Horned Rat itself.
  2. The most important thing for most Skaven, Kritslik sets his self-preservation second. The devotion and fanaticism he displays toward the Horned Rat gives him strength and courage where most Skaven would give up or run and hide. Kritslik sees his continued health and life as very important to the Council, as without him, the Horned Rat's will could not be enforced (or so he thinks).
  3. His third strong point is to weaken all other Clans by seeding distrust and conflict among them while staying out of the conflict himself. All the while keeping his movements and actions well concealed, it could be stated that the fault for the Skaven not being able to unite falls at least partly to him.
  4. The last critical point in Kristlik mind is his focus on humanity. Feeling that mankind poses the greatest threat to the Skaven, he observed the Humans for a long time and thinks to understand them now. Copying the tactics he used among his own kind, he first creates friction, fracturing the Humans he wishes to attack before marching. Seeing that previous Skaven diseases and war campaigns against humanity have only united mankind against a greater foe, he wishes to face a foe weakened from inner fighting and distrust when the two races fight their next war.

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