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Loot bags are rewards players can receive after completing a Public Quest. When a player receives their loot bag, the loot bag will contain weapons or armor usable by their class, a couple of items for crafting skills and money as an option to choose. The player may only choose one item from the bag. The quality of the weapons or armor are based off of the quality of the loot bag.

There are several types of loot bags:

Minor Loot Bag (White)
Minor Loot Bags usually only contain white normal items.
Lesser Loot Bag (Green)
Lesser Loot Bags usually contain a green magic item.
Greater Loot Bag (Blue)
Greater Loot Bags usually contain a blue and a green magic item for the player to choose from.
Major Loot Bag (Purple)
Major Loot bags usually contain a purple and a blue magic item for the player to choose from.
Massive Loot Bag (Gold)
Massive Loot Bags usually contain a class set piece, a purple item and a blue item for the player to choose from.

The winners are determined by random rolls, those who contributed most to the completion of the public quest get a bonus added to their roll. Starting at +500 for the highest contributer, +450 for second, +400 for the third and continually decreasing for the rest of the contributors. A secondary bonus is also awarded if the player was involved in the public quest the run before and wasn't awarded a loot bag, it is a bonus 100 to the roll for each previous run through of the public quest the player was involved in without winning a bag.

Side NoteEdit

  • Minor Loot Bags, Lesser Loot Bags, and Greater Loot Bags from the same PQ will have the same items every time (the item itself depends on career). Massive Loot Bags contain a random PQ set item from that tier for your career.
  • The White/Minor Loot Bag gives a common/white item, a choice of crafting materials, or some coins. The Green/Lesser Loot Bag has the same options as the white bag, but it will also have an uncommon/green item inside. The Blue/Greater Loot Bag will allow you to pick everything from green bag, but will also have a rare/blue item to pick. The Purple/Major Loot Bag has everything from blue, and also a very rare/purple item. The Orange/Massive Loot Bag contain a set item, coins, or crafting materials, but none of the other loot bags items.

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