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Longbeard is a Renown title for male Dwarves, Rank 70-79. This title will automatically appear if you haven't selected one from your Tome of Knowledge.

Warhammer Lore Edit

A Longbeard is the oldest, most experienced warrior of the dwarf throng, a fact evidenced by the length of their beards. These ensure that they receive the proper respect from other Dwarfs, who have been taught quite rightly to always respect their elders.

Longbeards have fought in more wars, beaten more enemies, and endured greater hardships than any young Dwarf could possibly imagine. They constantly grumble about how today's goblins are far smaller and weaker than they used to be, and how nothing is as well made as it was in their day. no dwarf would dare argue with them for they have the experience and the beard to prove it.

In battle, Longbeards are able to demonstrate their time-won skills, showing disdain for even the smallest shifts in fortune that would throw less experienced warriors into confusion. Valaya help any Beardling who falters under their stern eye, for they will admonish him in no uncertain terms.

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