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Long Overdue I

Tier 1 Order PvE Quest
Zone The Blighted Isle
Start Sariel Keenbow
End Eosthir Thornwrath
Previous Decisive Imbalance
Ignoble Weapons
Next Long Overdue II


Long Overdue I map
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According to a message I have received, a unit of Swordmasters led by Eosthir Thornwrath was sent to aide us. Eosthir Thornwrath is a warrior of great renown. To think that they have not yet arrived, especially when our lands crawl with Dark Elves, gives me pause.

I have asked much of you this day, and you have proven yourself a capable child of Ulthuan. Follow the road that leads to the southwest, for that is the path that Eosthir Thornwrath would have taken. Search for signs of Thornwrath and his men. The circumstances under which they are found will dictate your next course of action.

Particulars Edit

  • Follow the road to the southwest, leading away from the High Elf Forward Camp. Search for signs of Eosthir Thornwrath's Unit which was dispatched to Sariel Keenbow.

Objectives Edit

In-Progress Text Edit

Make haste, {name}, for I fear the worst.

Completion Text Edit

My fellow Swordmasters and I were sent to reinforce Sariel Keenbow in her bid to repel the Dark Elf incursion on The Blighted Isle. Does Sariel still hold her position?

It eases my heart to know that Sariel still lives, and that the conflict goes well for her. My unit was ambushed by Dark Elves, and my wounds are too deep for me to go on. Our mission has failed.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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