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Long Drong Concept

Concept art of Long Drong the Slayer Pirate.

Captain Long Drong is a renowned Dwarf mercenary, who also happens to be a Slayer and a pirate. With his hook hand, peg leg, eyepatch, long red plaited beard, pistols stuffed down his breeches and a parrot on his shoulder which says "bits o' gold, bits o' gold" all the time, his name strikes terror in the hearts of all those who ply the seas.

In WAR, Long Drong and his crew - a swarthy bunch of rogues to the last Dwarf - hoist their skull and crossbones flag and set sail for the harbor at Barak Varr, sensing an opportunity for profit. The mercenary pirates offered their services to the besieged Dwarfs in the Cove, and when King Grundadrakk scrounged together enough gold to pay them, Long Drong's men sailed out to take on the entire Greenskin war barge fleet. It's a hopeless mission against impossible odds, and just the sort of challenge the pistol-festooned Slayers relish.

Long Drong and the Slayer Cove Edit

Long Drong is the final boss in the Greenskin Chapter 9 Hard PQ, "Long Drong and the Slayer Cove". The first Lord to be encountered by aspiring greenies, Long Drong is exceptionally tough compared to other PQ bosses. Able to kill most healers in a second or two, the tank needs to have a firm grip on his attention, or the party is doomed. Even if the tank is a skillful player, a single healer wont be enough. As of now, Long Drong looks like any normal slayer, dual wielding a hammer and an axe. It is unknown whether or not his model will be changed later on.

Long Drong seems to only have a single knockdown ability.

-The PQ-

Kill 100 Slayers.

Long Drong refuses to join the fight until the enemy has proven themselves worthy of his attention.

Gather 60 Grudges by killing Long Drong's slayers, or stealing his rum. Don't die, however, as this will decrease the Grudges gathered.

Finally sensing a worthy enemy and his glorious end approaching, Long Drong steps forward.

Long Drong the Slayer Pirate 0/1.

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