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Overview Edit

Logrin's Forge is a 12 vs. 12 Scenario in Tier 4 Greenskin vs. Dwarf. Anyone between levels 30 and 40 can join this Scenario. It is a King of the Hill Ruleset with Capture the Flag Tactics.

This Scenario features a mixture of indoor and outdoor fighting. Both capture locations - The Anvil and Logrin's Tomb - are outdoors and in plain site of one another. In between these two locations is the primary battlefield. It is entirely indoors and will take you into a large Dwarf ironworks.

When you capture a location, a large glowing ring will change colors from white to red or blue (depending on your Realm). When you capture both locations, you are granted points towards victory. In addition, a buff will be applied to the Realm holding both locations that grants players Armor and Resists benefits for a short time (and goes away when you die). After thirty seconds or so, the capture areas reset and open back up for capturing!

Both the indoor and outdoor battlefields feature relatively confined locations so be ready for a good mixture of ranged and close quarters combat. Melee players will have a good time holding the middle area, restricting movement between the capture locations. Ranged attackers will have free reign in the outdoor areas with clear line of sight. Be ready for some twitch warfare and make sure you keep the enemy away from your captured areas!

External Links Edit

Link Below to Warhammer Online Scenarios Episode 8.[1]

Thanks to the Game Makers for providing such detailed documentation. TimJG 00:16, 23 November 2008 (UTC)

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