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Lob it Good!

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Dregrot
End Skarzag
Previous Lob it Good!


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Da stunties is hidin' up on dat mountain! Da boyz dried runnin' up, but da stunties kept blowin' 'em up, so we's gonna toss you up dere.

Right den. Youse gonna get in da lobber and ma gits is gonna lob ya. Fink like youse a bird so's you start flyin'!

Particulars Edit

  • Interact with one of the Rock Lobbers on Lobber Hill to lob yourself up onto the Stunty Mountain. Bash a few stunty heads, then talk to Mugrush Gutsticka. He'll tell you how to get back here.

Report to Skarzag at Big'un's Mound when you get back.

Requirements Edit

  • Ironmane Cannoneer 0 of 3
  • Ironmane Hammerer 0 of 2

Rewards Edit

  • 481 XP
  • 52 Money

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