Lob it Good

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Lob it Good!

Tier 1 Destruction PvE Quest
Zone Mount Bloodhorn
Start Gubnash Facebiter
End Dregrot
Previous Crazy Gits
Next Lob it Good! II


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Oi! Look at ya, ya lazy git! Skarzag is gonna rip me arms off and twist my guts out if dem stunties ain't bashed soon! And that ain't nuffink to wot I'll do to you if you dont start killin' dem stunties on dat stunty mountain!

Wot you mean, how? Ain't you ever been lobbed before? You see Dregrot. He'll send you flyin'!

Particulars Edit

  • Follow the road south up to the Rock Lobbers, and speak with Dregrot on Lobber Hill

Requirements Edit

Rewards Edit

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