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Lizardmen by willowWISP
Lizardman Cavalry color test
The Lizardmen are one of the most ancient races in the world, created by the Old Ones to enact their Great Plan. The primary habitat of the Lizardmen is among the steaming jungles of Lustria, although there are scattered smaller cultures throughout the world including notable populations in the Southlands, the Dragon Isles and the Hinterlands of Khuresh. The Lizardmen are divided up into four sub-species, and each serves a distinct role in their society.


The Lizardmen are a race of reptilians that inhabit the continent of Lustria. They are composed of 4 main species, with a few sub-species, and are responsible for many of the temple ruins around the world, especially south of Nehekhara. They once had a vast network of their temple cities that spanned the globe, but in the great war against the forces of Chaos, they lost most of these. Now they work towards restoring what they had lost and eliminate all forces of evil and Chaos from the world, and bring back the order the world was in when the Old Ones were still here, hoping that their creator gods will one day return.


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When the great Old Ones came, they created the first race, the Lizardmen. They commanded the Lizardmen to shape the Warhammer world to their desires and to exterminate all undesirable races. The Warhammer world would have been a paradise if it was not for the collapse of the Polar Warp Gates and the coming of Chaos. The Old Ones disappeared and left the Lizardmen to carry out their great plan for them. For millenia the Lizardmen have battled enemies like Skaven, Chaos, and Humans; losing many lives and cities in the process. To this day they fight to destroy Chaos and carry out the great plan of the Old Ones.



The leaders, mages and priests of the Lizardmen; Slann are immensly powerful creatures whose proficiency with the Winds of Magic is unsurpassed. Bloated frog-like creatures, it was the Slann who altered the world's orbit and rearranged it's continents to the liking of the Old Ones. Though new spawnings of Slann are no longer possible with the vanishing of the old ones they still represent the most powerful group of magic users in the world, Slann often spend millennia in contemplation of the Great Plan of the Old Ones.


Bred as the warrior-race of the Lizardmen, Saurus have an innate knowledge of warfare that only grows with age. Thick scaly hides and a vicious but controlled nature ensure they will tear through any opponent. Perfectly willing to commit unspeakable acts should the Slann will it, Saurus are the perfect soldiers.

A subspecies of Saurus are known as the Temple Guard. They are larger, bulkier, and have more spines on their backs, as well as wearing skull-helms and carrying ceremonial halberds. They are the designated bodyguards for the Slann, and the Temple Guard never leave the Slann's side. It is speculated upon what a Guard would do if a Slann ordered one to stop defending him.


Serving as the artisan and worker caste of the Lizardmen, Skinks are smaller, more social and more intelligent than the Saurus or Kroxigor. Naturally aquatic, they are often used for ambushes in times of war, and have also learnt to tame the creatures of the jungle - riding to war atop huge Stegadons, or driving packs of Salamanders into the enemy.

A notable variant of Skinks are Chameleon Skinks. These generally resemble their social counterparts, but differ by possesing skin that can change colour, prehensile & coiled up tails, large eyes that can move independantly of each other, & hands & feet that are shaped rather like tongs - hence their name of Chameleon Skinks. They also differ by being relatively unsociable & only react reluctantly with other Lizardmen, except for their own kindred. In times of war they are used as scouts, sneaking very close to enemy lines & picking them off one by one.


Created as heavy labourers, Kroxigors are less intelligent, not being capable of higher thought. Nevertheless they are intensly loyal to the Slann and march to war with the other Lizardmen, their huge lumbering forms charging forward to tear the enemy limb from limb. Naturally aquatic like the Skinks, they often fight in mixed units with their smaller cousins.

Notable LizardmenEdit

  • Venerable Lord Kroak
A deceased Slann of the first generation. It is said that even though Lord Kroak had been slain his spirit still remains in the material realm for it refuses to leave. In times of great need Lord Kroak can give great advice to any of the other Slann through telepathy or he can posses one the many Skink Priest and use his awe inspiring powers through the Priest. Even though Lord Kroak is dead, he is still one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) magic users in the Warhammer World, comparable with other heavyweights such as Teclis, the High Elf Loremaster of the White Tower, Morathi The Hag Sorceress of the Dark Elves and leader of Cult of Pleasure, a Tzeentchian Lord Of Change and Nagash, the greatest Necromancer of all time.
  • Lord Mazdamundi
Literally "light of the world" from "Mazda" and Latin: "Mundi". The oldest Slann still living, he is of the second generation and resides in Hexalotl in Lustria. Lord Mazdamundi's powers in magic are unequaled for it was he who made the Red Mountains erupt and destroy the lands around them and that the resulting earthquake destroyed many of the Dwarves strongholds. In battle Lord Madamundi is said to ride upon a Stegadon and control it only by using sheer force of will.
  • Scar-leader Kroq-Gar
Kroq-Gar is an ancient Saurus, he was alive and active in the first major conflict between the Lizardmen and the forces of Chaos. In battle Kroq-Gar is ussually seen riding his Carnosaur Grim-Loq and causing terror and destruction upon the enemies of the Lizardmen. Kroq-Gar also wields the mighty Hand of Gods, which creates balls of searing light that shoot contorted energy at his enemies; and the mystical Revered Spear of Tlanxla, which causes fear each time it bites into the flesh of Kroq-Gar's enemies.
  • Nakai, Sacred Kroxigor of the First Spawning
Known as Nakai the Wanderer for this Kroxigor seems to appear where he is needed and then disapear once the need is over. Nakai has been spotted all over Lustria and throughout the century where his strength and power turned the tide of the battle. It is said that he was spawned under Tlanxla during the First Spawning, this gave him a tougher scaly hide than other Kroxigors of later spawnings. It is true that his hide is much harder to puncture and that what should be killing blows do not seem to phase him because of his incredible scaly skin.
  • Tehenhauin, Prophet of Sotek
Tehenhauin was responsible for making Sotek one of the principle deities of Lustria, after convicing the Skink population of several cities to use the god's power to aid them in their war against the Skaven.

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