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Warhammer online is currently undergoing a 'Live Expansion' this is a massive amount of new content being made available by Mythic for no extra cost other then the subscription. It will consist of live events, the release of the long awaited Choppa and Slayer classes and finally the release of a new dungon zone for PvE. For more details refer to the official US website here.


  1. Call to Arms: Bitter Rivals (finished) This will allow players to unlock the long awaited Choppa and Slayer classes one week early.
  2. Release of Choppa and Slayer (finished) All players will now have access to the new classes
  3. Call to Arms: Beyond the Sands
  4. Call to Arms: Rise of the Tomb Kings This will allow players to begin trying to unlock the new PvE dungon zone for their realm.
  5. Release of New Zone

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