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This is a list of servers that run Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Most are available for gamers to create characters on, but some are restricted such as test servers. This list will be continuously updated as more information becomes available. Servers are listed in order of country, then alphabetical order with the name and ruleset in bold, the language (if required) in italics and other notes in regular bracketed text. All tables in this article are sortable and collapsible, click the small box next to "server name" and others to rearrange the table, click "show" or "hide" next to "server name" to show/hide the table.

Restricted serversEdit

Non-restricted serversEdit

North American serversEdit

Unless stated otherwise, servers are assumed to be located very close to one of the MAE-East [Wikipedia] Internet Exchange Points in Virginia, USA.

European serversEdit

Since July 7th 2010, all European servers are located in Germany.

Oceanic serversEdit

As of August 19, 2009, all oceanic servers have been shut down, populations merged with North American servers (Volkmar, Gorfang, Badlands)

Russian serversEdit

Location of Russian servers not currently known.

Asian serversEdit

Server Name Ruleset Location Status Notes
Mohan Temple Taiwan Active
Ecuador Volcano Fist Taiwan Active
Dragon seeds Taiwan Closed Date of Closure Unknown
Phoenix Gate Taiwan Closed Date of Closure Unknown
Roaring Canyon Taiwan Closed Closed On - 08/07/2009
Yikelongde(?) Taiwan Closed Closed On - 08/07/2009
Black brazier Taiwan Closed Closed On - 08/07/2009
Fort nordenshelda post Taiwan Closed Closed On - 08/07/2009
Implicit ownership of wrecks Taiwan Closed Closed On - 08/07/2009

Merged & Consolidates ServersEdit

See List of servers/Consolidated servers.

For a full list of servers which have been merged, closed and consolidated (their characters transfered to other servers to increase population for a stronger game experience) see the above page.

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