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A Fansite is an unofficial website that focuses on Warhammer Online in whole or in part. Users are free to add a link to their website with a small abbreviated description, preferrably one or two lines.

List of Fansites & ForumsEdit

Type Site Description
Podcast Podhammer
Blog Stonetroll Certified
Blog Stunty Stomper
Blog Incoming Pull Tanking mmos, one mob at a time, Incoming Pull is a blog that focuses on everything related to WAR through the use of pictures and videos.
Blog Werit's Blog
Blog Spank the Tank We'll give you funneh and good opinions. Oh and yeah, we like to spank.
Blog Runetwisting A Runepriest blog.
Blog Sneaks Speaks Blogging about Warhammer Online with the lack of pants...
Art Portraits of WAR Forjador's art blog with illustrations inspired on Warhammer universe.
Blog Mmmmm Gud A Black Orcs views, ideas, rants and general musings as he sits on his thinking stone.
Blog Healer at Heart A healers' thoughts on the game of WAR.
Blog Gaarawarr Gabs Warhammer Online info, Gaar's take on game mechanics, etc...
Blog Etaew's Blog Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online blogger
Blog breakfast at war Gaming couple rant, rave, and review everything and anything WAR related.
Blog Bootae's Bloody Blog Blogging about WAR's good, bad and ugly moments from the perspective of a blood soaked Chosen and his horde of festering alts.
Almar's Guides
Forum Warhammer Alliance
Warhammer Online Vault
Warhammer Online Stratics
WAR Allakhazam
Warhammer Database MMO DB
Comics Tome of Knowledge Warhammer related webcomics drawn by Greg Moran and a blog dealing with the vast world of Warhammer Lore.
Blog Cool Story, Sis
Jeux Online
Mondes Persistants
Univers Virtuels
Forum WAR-Welten A forum and some (partly) outdated information regarding WAR
Forum A forum, that once was way more active, can be considered inactive now.
Forum contains a forum and collects daily news from everything WAR related

Blog Gedanken eines Schwertmeisters Gedanken eines Schwertmeisters (trans.: A Swordmaster's Thoughts) is originally a german blog that also features newer articles in english.
Forum PatiWar

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