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Liche Priest concept

Liche Priest concept art

Liche Priest

Liche Priest in Marshes of Madness

"Liche Priest" directs here. For other uses, see Liche Priest (disambiguation).

Liche Priests - not to be confused with actual Liches - are the priests of the Mortuary cult of ancient Nehekhara. Obsessed with both the veneration of the dead and the search for eternal life, the Liche Priests finally discovered a way they could live forever. However over the millennia of their unnatural lifespans, the Liche Priest's bodies have decayed, forcing them to use embalming techniques and other methods to keep their fragile coprse-like forms in one piece. Disgustingly gaunt and fleshless, the Liche Priests now serve the ressurected Tomb Kings in their unlife, casting Incantations that draw on the divine power of the Desert Gods in the Land of the Dead.

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