Lessons Learned II

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Lessons Learned II

Order PvE Quest
Zone Chrace
Start Lorekeeper Illarhin
End Lorekeeper Illarhin
Previous Lessons Learned I


Lessons Learned II map
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The contents of this parchment are disturbing. Erraneth was once the location of a temple to Khaine. Ancient artifacts, once thought lost, were buried there long ago. One of these artifacts, the Circlet of Khaine, is what the Witch Elves are seeking.

We must stop them, but we are so few ... perhaps we can turn the land against my errant kin ...

There are nests of great spiders hidden amongst the ruins of Erraneth. You must harvest the scent glands from the Venomstalker Spiders, then burn the glands within the ruins. This should scatter the scent to the wind and drive the spiders into a furor which these blood-fueled witches have never seen the likes of!

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Hunter Spider Scent Glands 0/5
  • Brazier Used 0/1 (loc: 55296, 54835)

In-Progress Text Edit

Lessons Learned II Brazier

Brazier in the Ruins of Erraneth

Time is of the essence. Seek out the Ruins and disrupt my twisted kin before their work is complete.

Completion Text Edit

Your victory at the Ruins may be short-lived. I fear that we may not have accomplished all that is needed. I shall retire to my divinations and decipher the portents that now reveal themselves.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

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