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Lessons Learned I

Order PvE Quest
Zone Chrace
Start Lorekeeper Illarhin
End Lorekeeper Illarhin
Next Lessons Learned II


Lessons Learned I map
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Seeking knowledge of my dark cousins can be a deadly task, {name}.

We High Elves hold dear the traditions set down long ago by the Phoenix Kings of ages past. These traditions and rituals sustain our way of life and give us purpose. Our brethren from the west hold no such inhibitions, fully embracing their impulsiveness. The worst amongst them, the devotees of Khaine, have come to Erraneth, but their motives are a mystery.

Seek out their landing, and decipher why it is they scour the ancient ruins of a long dead city.

Particulars Edit

Objectives Edit

  • Recover the Blood-Scribed Parchment 0/1
    NOTE: The Parchment is located on some boxes near the entrance of a large Dark Elf tent in the target area. A Champion mob often spawns inside, but the quest can be completed without having to fight him.

In-Progress Text Edit

Lessons Learned I Parchment

A Blood-Stained Parchment

The best approach in this case is the most direct. Seek out the landing of the devotees of Khaine, and divine their reasons for intruding onto our lands.

Completion Text Edit

You made good speed. Time is of the essence, and every moment counts in this dark hour.

Rewards Edit

Quest Progression Edit

External Links Edit

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