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Some of the crates have been broken and you can see the stacked flasks within. It seems odd that such valuable items would be left to rot in such a turbulent age.

Looking down at the scattered flasks on the ground, the answer is almost immediately revealed. The flasks are the same make as the ones you have already found in your travels, but they lie scratched and cracked. Looking closely at the damaged flagons, you can see that the gold of each is a thin veneer. The fractured gems are nothing more than cleverly-colored glass. No doubt the same is true of the containers you have already found.

Tome Unlock: At 57k, 35.5k Marshes of Madness, inside a cave, click on the Dust Covered Flasks. They are in the grey colored area to the far right next to a pillar. The cave entrance is located behind Oathhold (dwarf ch. 9). Need to have the first four unlocks to recieve this unlock.


XP: 150

This tome unlock contributes to the The Mysterious M.B. pursuit.

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