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Last name displayed above avatar.

When you reach rank 20, you are allowed to buy a last name for 4 gold from the Name Registrar in a capital city. Last names must be one word only (unverified) and must be at least 4 characters in length (unverified). Unlike first names, last names do not need to be unique and can be changed at any time (provided you pay the required fee again).

Adding / Changing SurnamesEdit


In the Order realm, he is named Registrar Harlen, and is located in the Emperor's palace to the right of the main entrance.


In Destruction's Inevitable City, the name registrar is Saldis Stormrend. She is located to the right of the main door, of the Eternal Citadel before you enter the building (roughly the same location as the Order registrar.)


The last name only displays above your head and does not appear in the chat log or in target frames.

Tome UnlocksEdit

(From Achievements - Career:Accruing)

  1. Changed last name 5 times. Title: The Dubious, 66xp
  2. Changed last name 25 times. Title: The Sneaky, 66xp
  3. Changed last name 250 times. Title: The Indecisive, 66xp

Tips and TrapsEdit

  • After typing in your last name and pressing the "Accept" button, the gold is debited from your backpack, but the Name Change dialog box does not get dismissed. Only your chat log will display that you have made the change. Keep a close eye on this, otherwise you may accidentally re-submit the name and (presumably) be charged the 4gp again.
  • If you don't see your name above your character's avatar, you probably have it disabled. From the WAR menu, go to User Settings > Targeting > Overhead Names and make sure the checkbox next to "Your Name" is turned on.

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