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Lord Landuin of Mousillon joined Gilles Le Breton as one of the first of the Grail Companions with whom he founded Bretonnia, after having received the Blessing of the Lady, thus becoming a Grail Knight, and repelled the threat of the Greenskin. He was to become the first Duke of Mousillon and after Gilles' death almost the King of Bretonnia. Later he fell into an argument with his friend and Grail Companion Thierulf of Lyonesse and wounded him in battle. Landuin retreated into Mousillon and slowly fell in malaise. He died in bed in the year 1045 IC.


Grail CompanionEdit

Around 975 IC, the lands of the Bretonni horsetribes was rampaged by hordes of Orcs. Landuin, finding his town Mousillon under threat of the greenskin, heared of the death of the Lord of Bastonne who had beaten back the Orcs besieging Bastonne. He rode out and united with Gilles, the new Lord of Bastonne after his father had died. Gilles, Landuin and Thierulf of Lyonesse, who also had joined Gilles, were visited by a vision of the Lady of the Lake who rose from the waters of a misty lake, holding the Grail in her hands and she blessed them. Landuin and the others were bestowed with the magical powers of the Lady and became Grail Knights. The next day, they defeated the greenskin horde at Bordeleaux and, out of thanks for the Lady, return to the lake and swore to serve her and free the lands of the Bretonni from the evil beings that beset it.

The three companions set upon a conquest and at each victory, they were joined by the Lords of those cities whom they freed from the threats that besieged them. Thus was formed the Grail Companion and was the oath to the Lady fulfilled. Many tales are spun about the twelve battles and the companion whom fought them. Of Landuin, the finest knight that ever was, is told that he slew the Orc Warlord at the Second Great Battle on their way south to Brionne. When, after a large journey through the south and east of Bretonnia, they finally arrived in Mousillon, the lands were sacked. They entered the gates of Mousillon to find within the remnants of Landuin's family and Folgar of Artois who came with dire news: a great Undead hoste was marching towards them. The Ninth Great Battle occured at the gates of Mousillon and Landuin slew the Necromancer, winning the encounter. After the twelfth battle, the whole lands east of the Grey Mountains was more or less scoured of evil.

Duke of MousillonEdit

In 979 IC the Kingdom of Bretonnia was formed at a meeting in Artois. Mousillon was one of the dukedoms and Landuin was appointed Duke. Landuin proved to be the most bravest, most skilled and honourable Companion, an epitome of knighthood and was beloved by all. But the wars had not ended and 16 years later Gilles was slain while battling remnants of Greenskin in the Grey Mountains. Many thought Landuin should succeed him on the throne, but it was eventually agreed that Louis, son of Gilles should take that position. Louis immediatly set upon a Quest to receive the Blessing of the Lady, earning him the name "the Rash".

Another 8 years later, Landuin and Thierulf had a major falling out. It is said the argument concerned the wife of Thierulf. A duel ensued which Landuin won by wounding Thierulf.

With the death of Gilles and the rift with his friend Thierulf, Landuin slowly fell into malaise. 67 years (1045 IC) after his memorable adventures with the Grail Companions, Landuin was found dead in his bed.

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