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This article is about the zone in WAR. For more extensive information on the history and lore of the ancient kingdom of the Tomb Kings, see Nehekhara.

The Land of the Dead(Nehekhara), contains one zone, the Necropolis of Zandri. Within this zone are 16 Public Quests, 4 Tombs, and one dungeon, the Tomb of the Vulture Lord. The zone is divided by the poisonous and uncrossable River Mortis, leaving only one point of access from north to south at the Quay of Seftu.

Reaching Land of the DeadEdit

To get to the Land of the Dead, a character must be rank 32 or higher, and their realm must have control of the zone (using resources dropped by players in RvR). In addition, the first flight a character makes to Land of the Dead must start from the flight master in their capital city. No other flight master will allow travel to Land of the Dead until it has been "unlocked" by flying from the capital city.

Public Quests Edit

For information on Glyphs, please see the main article on them.
Name of PQ Glyph Awarded Extra information
Amsu's Charge Horse Roaming - near Order warcamp
The Carrion Nest Vulture
Nikosi Temple Reed
The Quarry of Bone Scroll
Tombs of the Bitter Wind Ankhra
The Library of Zandri Vase
The Pit of Kem Senef Scarab
The Quay of Seftu Riverbarge Siege weapon based - ballistas damage hero
The Temple of Ualatp Skull
Pit of Asaph Scarab
Hall of the Heavens Vase
Forbidden Vaults Ankhra
Aerie of Death Vulture
Obelisk of Judgement Scroll
Sedjhet Temple Reed
Assault of Nekh Akhet Horse Roaming - near Destruction warcamp
Ricci's Raiders Scorpion Roaming - circles Hall of the Heavens and Library of Zandri

Tombs Edit

Name of Tomb Glyphs Required Extra information
Tomb of the Stars Reed, Vulture, Horse Can be bugged
Tomb of the Sky Scroll, Ankhra, Scorpion
Tomb of the Moon Scarab, Vase
Tomb of the Sun Riverbarge, Skull Can be bugged


Much of the progression in the zone is based around collecting new currency. Each level of currency may be traded for 5 of the lower level, as with Crests. They may not be traded back up, with the exception of Silver Scarabs.

Type Source
Torn Page of the Liber Mortis

Two are dropped as PQ rewards for the world boss spawned after a completion of a Tomb of the Vulture Lord instance

Golden Cartouche

Completing No Comin' Back (Destro) or the Order equivalent by killing the final boss in Tomb of the Vulture Lord

Killing each boss in Tomb of the Vulture Lord for the Dark Heart of Zandri questline

Gold bags from Tomb of the Vulture Lord bosses

Silver Ankh

Completing Food for the Flies

Completing A Blight on the Sky

Blue and green bags from Tomb of the Vulture Lord bosses

Each stage of the Second Order of Business questline

Golden Scarab

Loot bags for the PQs

Converting up from 5 Silver Scarabs

Silver Scarab

World drops in the Necropolis of Zandri

Each stage of the Four Tombs for Four Pillars questline

Tome of Knowledge Edit

Information on Tome of Knowledge unlocks / achievements in Land of the Dead:

Quests Edit

Order Edit

Destruction Edit

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