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Location of the lair

Lair of the Defiler is a lair located in Ostland in the SW corner of the map up against the mountains. It is a crypt found within a graveyard. The boss is Feculesh the Defiler a one skull Hero.


A clue to opening the gate in the form of a riddle is unlocked in the Tome of Knowledge when the lair is found:

Seven Lords with seven sons,
Faith corrupted, life undone,
For young pilgrims, four to come.

There are four gravestones outside the lair that are selectable . They give a Tome unlock and XP when approached.

Opening the lair requires visiting the opposing faction's capital city to find the grave unlock there, in addition to the other 13 graves. Once four players have the required grave unlocks, they simply activate the grave markers at once, opening the lair.

Inside are a number of level 38 skeletons and zombies, all normal, in addition to Feculesh the Defiler, a one skull hero Great Unclean One of Nurgle. Once killed, he drops blue gloves with 2% resist on them for level 39 characters.

Seven Lords With Seven SonsEdit

It has been noted[1] that there are fourteen gravestones scattered throughout the world, from a cemetery in Ostland to the Sewers of Altdorf, seven of which honor a father and seven of which honor a son.

Note: All of the fathers' bodies have been found and are presumably at their gravesites, however all of the sons are said to be "missing" or otherwise never heard from again. Note that the grave of Konrad Hirtzel is in Altdorf, and the grave of Fabian Kummel is in the Inevitable City.



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