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Bandit Queen

Bandit Queen

Lair of the Bandit Queen is a lair located in the NE corner of the map in Ekrund and is directly NE of the Battlefield Objective, Cannon Battery. It is reached by a path running up a hillside. It also provides an Exploration unlock from proximity to the lair entrance.

Its entrance is around the door in the side of a mountain with a carving of a skull on it. When approaching the lair a dark energy appears around the player character.

To open the door the group must kill an enemy player while at least one groupmember has this dark energy aura on. This is possible by keeping a player near the lair once the group has approached it but that player must take care not to go too close to the lair door otherwise the party will lose the aura again. The aura is not always shown on a player who's moved back into the RvR zone even if active, though it normally appears again intermittently.

The door can also be opened by a Sorcerer or Sorceress. The player must remove any defensive buffs and armour to use backlash generating abilities until they die on the steps. The door will open upon their death. The sorcerer player can then be resurrected or run back really fast from reset location.

This lair is located in a RvR zone. The boss Renatta Betz, is a rank 11 Banshee Hero and can be fought by lower rank players.

She drops 10 level rare (blue) helms.

Approx coords 58000,3200

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