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"The blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you live; and when I see the blood I will pass over you, and no plague will befall you to destroy you when I strike the land..."
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Xaphan the Pyre


Photo of one of the candles

Mirgul^M 006

Location of the Marshes of Madness candle

Six candles must be interacted with in various locations around the world to open this lair. The lair itself is at Caledor, near the Wrath's Resolve keep at 53.5k, 27k.

According to the book in front of the door to the lair in Caledor, the candles are found in:

  • The wooded lands of the wretched Elves (Avelorn 24k, 13k);
  • The Land of the Reik (Reikland 38k, 11k);
  • The Black Crag (Black Crag 40k, 15k);
  • The northern reaches of the Empire (Nordland 39k, 46k);
  • The Realm of the Ice Queen (Praag 20k, 18k);
  • and deep within the Marshes where Madness reigns (Marshes of Madness 14,294k, 46,595k [west end of scum pond in lake]).

Interacting with the book after you've lit all the candles opens up the door to Xaphan of the Pyre. At this point the book disappears and respawns after about 12 hours. The door to Xaphan will remain open for a few minutes and will close up again after that, so you should open the door only once your full group is ready to fight Xaphan. Note that only one person needs to have found all the candles, since everyone can enter the lair for the fight after the door has been opened. However, one person in your group must have touched all the candles (ie. you cannot split your group and send one person to each candle). Also note that if Xaphan is not engaged before the doors close he will dissapear.

Drops a blue weapon.

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