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The Lair of Morra is a lair hidden in an area of Nordland, near the Chaos Chapter 4 area. When you discover the area, you will get a Tome of Knowledge unlock.

Morra Edit

Morra is a rank 40 Hero boss. Her appearance is of a slightly larger than normal wolf, with a grey/white fur pattern. She is located to the right upon entering the cave. The cave is filled with lvl 39 pups and lvl 40 wolves.

Killed Morra drops 1-2 level 39 rare (blue) boots.

Directions Edit

From the southeast of Nordland, near Salzenmund, start swimming southwest. Eventually you will come to an inlet with a waterfall. Climb up on the right hand bank, and carefully jump along the rocks to reach the cave behind the waterfall. This is the Lair of Morra.

Approximate Location: 32k, 60k

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