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Lair of Lady Alisha is a lair located near 35000, 51000 in the Plain of Bone, Blighted Isle. There are 3 Runes of Control that must be activated by swimming around on the northern cliffs of the Plain of Bone. Once all 3 are activated, the Lair of Lady Alisha is opened revealing Lady Alisha who is a Rank 11 Hero mob.

Killed Lady Alisha drops 9 level rare (blue) weapons

Activating The Runes and Other Notes for Lady AlishaEdit

  • The Runes work on a timer based system. The exact time limit is not known but it is at least 15-30 minutes. If the Runes glow blue then they have been activated recently and you will have to wait. The runes do not have to be activated in order of 1, 2, 3, you must activate all three stones to have the door open.
  • The Door to Lady Alishas Lair is also on a timer. Once The Runes have been activated you will have approximately 5 minutes to get to her door and inside before the door is closed and you will have to wait until the runes are reactivated to get in again. The door can not be opened up any other way except by the rune stones.
  • Lady Alisha is a hero class monster of Level 11. She uses a silencing ability frequently and has several other abilities which will either One-Shot or Two-shot a Rank 10 tank very quickly. So make sure to have at least 2 healers.
  • This is a tier 1 lair and is entered by going into an Open RVR area. You must be Level 11 or under on core servers or level 21 and under on open servers, otherwise you end up a chicken.
  • You can get the unlock for the Lair by running against the door, even when closed.
  • WARNING! Enterance to the Runes of Control marked 1 and 2 on the picture are bugged. If you are a chicken you can't enter. If you are turned into a chickin while inside the caves, you will be permanenly stuck in there and will have to use a CSR to get you out. Using the /unstuck command will put you back next to the rune.

Map showing where the runes and lair can be found.

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