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The Lair of Kamilla is a Tier 1 lair, accessible with a minimum of 1 player from each pairing (3 total), located on the large island southwest of the Lagoon in Norsca. Inside this lair is Kamilla the Decayed, a Rank 11 Hero Vampire.

Lair Entry Edit

To get into the lair, you must have at least one of each race for your realm present. Have each member stand on the appropriate stone outside the lair to unlock the door. Once the correct person is on the stone, that person will receive a slight swirling aura. After all three members are on the correct stones, the door will open for five minutes, during which anyone can enter. If the doors close, people may exit the lair but not re-enter until the matching stone/race code has been redone. Once the vampire is destroyed, there is a 12 hour cooldown until she respawns, although players can still enter the empty lair.

Players on Core Ruleset Servers must be Rank 11 or under to enter this lair as it's located in an RVR Lake and higher levels will get the Chicken debuff when entering the area. Players on Open Ruleset Servers can access the Lair of Kamilla at Rank 21 or below.

Killing and Loot Edit

Kamilla has a standard melee attack that hits for around 100-150 on a standard level 10 tank equipped with a shield. She also does an AOE attack for around 200-300 damage, and a single target root that does DoT for small amount. A competent group of 3 players (at least one tank and 2 healers) can down her.

Kamilla will drop 1-2 level 11 blue weapons with the suffix "of the Decayed", and unlock a lair lore entry (Traitor's Rest) once killed. (this does not always work)


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