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Cave lair

Concept art of a cave lair

A lair is a type of secret area in the Warhammer Online world. It could possibly be a cave, a dungeon, a mountaintop; somewhere in the zone that is far off the beaten path, and generally disregarded. What makes a lair special, is that there are no quests or directions leading you there, so they are stumbled upon by explorers who enjoy seeing every nook and cranny of the world. Lairs generally, even when discovered, require the player to solve a puzzle or figure out some indirect way of obtaining access to the lair - they also usually contain a powerful boss monster who is many times more powerful than is appropriate for the zone they are in (with a few exceptions of weaker boss monsters).

Please help. I have started to add what items drop at each Lair. A Lair will only drop a specific peice for a specific spot. Example: Chest, Hands, Feet, Weapons, etc. I have not killed them all and have only been able to fill in a few so far.

Known LairsEdit

By the number of blank Tome of Knowledge entries available to us which regard lairs, we can assume there is one hidden lair in every zone. It has been stated by Mythic that there are at least more than 30, though since then they have added more and they continue to do so:

This table is a work in progress, feel free to add more lairs to the table or modify existing entries.

Name Zone Location Bosses Rank
Lair of Silveroak Norsca 18k, 22k Silveroak 40
Traitor's Rest (Lair of Kamilla) Norsca 26k,62k Kamilla the Decayed 11
Lair of Morra Nordland 32k, 60k Morra 40
Lair of the Defiler Ostland 8.5k, 62k Feculesh the Defiler
Lair of Metoh Troll Country 9k, 4k Metoh 40
Lair of the Bleakwing Matriarch Talabecland 44k, 64k Bleakwing Matriarch 40
Lair of Tezakk Gnawbone Chaos Wastes 36k, 6k Tezakk Gnawbone 40
Frostshard Prison West Praag 27.7k, 37k Festertongue, Galldread, Gruewither, Lithea the Vexing, Ragemaul, Rotbrood, Screechwing Fury, Slobbermaw 40
Migliod's Menagerie The Maw 40k, 55k Graveshroud, Hornblade, Offalgut the Hungry, Rathrek, Ruggog, Soarmange, Traugonaith, Warbragh 40
Lair of Gorthlak The Blighted Isle 36k, 18k Gorthlak 40
Lair of Lady Alisha The Blighted Isle 35k, 51k Lady Alisha 11
Lair of Kelbrax Chrace 19k, 62k Kelbrax 40
Lair of Stinkfang Ellyrion 54k, 42k Stinkfang the Vomitous 40
Lair of Elrin Helfried Avelorn 58k, 46k Elrin Helfried 40
Lair of Lady Grimgyre Saphery 48k, 61k Lady Grimgyre 40
Lair of Gholnaros the Deathless Dragonwake 23k, 40k Gholnaros 40
Lair of Xaphan the Pyre Caledor 54k, 27k Xaphan of the Pyre 40
Lair of Fesitt Caledor 34k, 38k Festitt 40
Lair of Gutslime Mount Bloodhorn 53k, 45k Nerx Gutslime 40
Lair of the Bandit Queen Ekrund 58k, 3.2k Renatta Betz 11
Lair of Reaver Barak Varr 1.5k, 22k Karerg the Reaver 40
Lair of Old Oozeback Marshes of Madness 25k, 60k Old Oozeback 40
Lair of Krela Darkshroud The Badlands 23k, 62k Krela Darkshroud 31
Lair of the Shambler Black Fire Pass 4.1k, 23.7k Ulnac the Shambler 31
Lair of Ravack Black Fire Pass 62k, 8k Ravack 40
Lair of the Fleshrender Kadrin Valley 3.1k, 31.2k Kyreia Sek 40
Lair of the Fallen Slayer Kadrin Valley 63.2k, 54k Thrle the Twisted, Surgifig 40
Malachia's Lair Black Crag 61.5k, 10.3k Malachia 40

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