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The Lady of the Lake, the Bretonnian guardian-goddess, was worshipped alongside the other gods of the ancient Bretonni tribe as a mother-goddess who represented all that was right and good about the land. She is the queen of a race of earth-spirits whom the Bretonnians' ancestors believed to inhabit the forests, mists and lakes. In the Imperial year 977, the Lady of the Lake, as she had come to be known, manifested in person to Gilles le Breton, blessing him and his knights before the great victory over Greenskin invaders that would result in the founding of the Kingdom of Bretonnia. Since then the Lady has been the goddess of Bretonnian nobility, called on in the name of courage, honour and justice. She remains the only deity in the Known World whose worshippers claim appears in person to her most devout followers. This assertion causes endless theorising amongst scholars in the Empire, although such analytical discussion of a divine matter tends to incense any listening Bretonnians.

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