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God of the Hunt and Lord of the Beasts, Kurnous is the spirit of untouched wilderness. Although he is said to have the ability to take the form of any forest creature at will, he is normally portrayed as a figure over ten foot tall, with an Elven body but the head and tail of a stag. Kurnous is the husband of Isha, and he is the ultimate hunter. His horn announces the wild hunt and calls his pack of hunting dogs to his side as he passes silently among the trees.

The Elves of Avelorn and the citizens of Ellyrion worship Kurnous as their primary God. By never killing more than they must, hunters prove their loyalty to Kurnous. His affinity with the forest and wooded places holds a special significance with Wood Elves, and he is the patron god of their Beastfriends. His holy places are deep in the forest, special clearings which are recognizable only to those who worship him.

Kurnous is said to have a connection to Taal, the god of nature in the Old World. They are both represented by a long-antlered stags head.

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