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Krogan Redhammer

Krogan Redhammer
Rally Master

Rank 5 Rally Master
Realm Order
Species Dwarf
Gender Male
Zone Ekrund
Subzone Redhammer Station
Coordinates 43200, 29600

PC Reactions

Order Friendly

You fight like you've a beard twice as long as mine! That Roarin' Redhammer'll put a swing on your axe and an extra kick in your gun, eh? Never seen greenskins run so fast away from a fight before.

You'd make your sire proud!

- Krogan Redhammer

Krogan Redhammer is a Dwarf brewmaster, and the owner of the Redhammer Pub in Ekrund. Descended from the pub's founder, Droki, he can be found at the Redhammer Station where he coordinates efforts to repair the trains that once moved through the region.

Noteworthy Person Edit

Krogan Redhammer is one of five Noteworthy Persons that can be found by Order players in the zone of Ekrund.

Rally Master Edit

There's much work t' be done 'round here. Modrin Bitterstone himself was here just a day ago drinkin' me best stout. By his orders we're to clear out Durak Mine and get that old train runnin' again. We'll have our work cut out for us with them blasted greenskins pounding on Durak's Gate.

The thing I can't quite figure is where the blasted beasts got such things? Greenskins you may have noticed aren't big on thinkin'. So how'd they get those machines built, much less carted all the way here?

- Krogan Redhammer

Krogan Redhammer acts as the rally master for chapter 2 of the Dwarf storyline, Defenders at the Redhammer Pub.

Quests Edit

You've grit, I'll grant you that. But we've a long road still before we see the last of those chuffin' greenskins. Salvaging's the key, let nothing go to waste. Why we've got lads neck deep in Goldfist's Hole right now, workin' the pumps. We're short hands, weapons and supplies, never forget it. You're going to have to stay sharp.

- Krogan Redhammer

Begins Quests Edit

Ends Quests Edit

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