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Krell was a Chaos Champion of Khorne long before the the birth of the Empire, during the period the Dwarfs call the "Time of Woes". The dwarf hero Grimbul Ironhelm finally killed him during the assault on Karak Kadrin. His body was buried by his followers in the Chaos Wastes where it was found, centuries later, by Nagash who stumbled on it in his search for the Crown of Sorcery. The Great Necromancer raised Krell from the dead and placed him in command of a legion of Undead during the Battle of the River Reik against Sigmar. Krell's forces were pitched against the Dwarf allies and when Nagash died and his army crumbled, he was the only to escape. After butchering many settlements, he was finally defeated by Sigmar at the Battle of Glacier Lake in 16 IC and imprisoned in a magical tomb in the Grey Mountains where he was found, more than two millenia later, by the Lichemaster Heinrich Kemmler, and ressurected. Kemmler and Krell, together with Skaven allies, sacked parts of Bretonnia before they were defeated at the Battle of la Maisontaal Abbey in 2491 IC. Krell fled back into the Grey Mountains together with Kemmler. They later attacked Athel Loren, raising the dead from the many ancient cairns there, but were routed in the Battle of the Cairns.  Krell was chased off into the forest only to reamerge centuries later alongside Kemmler in Reikland, where they attempted to turn the province into a new land of the dead. The heroes Gotrek and Felix defeated their evil plan before it could come to fruition, but were unable to slay Krell or Kemmler, who both escaped by magical means.  Their current whereabouts are unknown.

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