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Rune Lord Kragg the Grim CA

Concept art of Rune Lord Kragg the Grim.

Runelord Kragg the Grim is the oldest and by far the greatest living Runesmith - a gnarled old Dwarf, strong and enduring as a weather-beaten oak. His staff bears his own personal master rune which he refuses to share with anyone finding none worthy of it. His armour is the finest and strongest in the kingdom. So strong and thick that none could pierce it,His knowledge of ancient rune smithing and crafting techniques is unsurpassed, and he has witnessed the wonders of Karak Ankor at the height of its power. In his long lifetime he has seen the the loss of craftsmanship and respect among the younger generations of Runesmiths along with the loss of their holds, as a consequence of which he has a constant air of disapproval. He has witnessed the Dwarfs lose so much of what they hold dear and holds a deepseated anger and desire for vengeance against their enemies. Despite his gruff nature he seeks to aid his race with his skills, Runesmiths from all over the Dwarf realms come to sit at his feet in the Underhalls of Karaz-a-Karak to listen to his wise words. He holds many of the secrets of ancient days, long forgotten, and is a living link to the past. Those who possess patience and true skill gain invaluable wisdom from his words. These few go on to become truly amazing runesmiths that can craft wonderous weapons and magical items. He currently resides in Karaz-a-Karak the capitol of the Dwarfs and the seat of their knowledge and history. There he teaches his great craft to those who seek it.

He dwells in the deepest depths of Karaz-a-Karak. A great complex of forges, mines, and libraries where his runesmithing students work on many great projects under his supervision.

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